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Sell Relay Phoenix 24DC

Specification of Relay Phoenix 24DC


The principle works is a series of magnet maker to move the closing and opening an internal switch therein. What distinguishes it from both the equipment is the power switch in connecting massive internal electric current through it.

The simple understanding is that if we deliver electric current to the coil relay or contactor, then the internal switch will also be connected. There was also an internal switch disconnected. The exact same thing at work push button, only differ in the strength to push the button.

Relay analogous to a circuit breaker and connecting as well as the function of the button (Push Button) and switch (Switch), which only works on a small current 1A s / d 5A. While Contactors can analogy also as a breaker for the circuit breaker and connecting power to the load. Because the Contactor, other than NO and NC contacts are also there are 3 main NO contact to connect the electrical current to the size specified in the contactor. For example 10A, 15A, 20A, 30A, 50Amper and so on.




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